Kamis, 18 April 2013

Professor Kingsfield

In the novel, The Paper Chase, by John Osborn, one of the most important figures was Professor Kingsfield. The setting was law school and Professor was instrumental in teaching young learners to become good lawyers. Student’s feelings were not obviously any worries of Kingsfield as its sole goal is to provide the highest possible value as a teacher to his students. His lectures were so well planned and States that were able to complete the last page of the reading material during the last minute of class time which meant I never fell behind or obtained prior to its planned schedule.

The author of Osborn, Jr. depicts the character of Professor Kingsfield as the quintessential successful and respected lawyer. He seemed to get every feature required to succeed in the field of law. Kingsfield’s intelligence, time management and work ethic are some examples of the qualities that made quite an impression on Hart and other law students.

One night when Hart was walking through the campus has bumped his friend Anderson and said, “Hey, you’re looking for in the Office of Kingsfield,” Hard said, rounding up mouth into a smile. “I really see here again, cannot.”

It did feel close to Anderson. “I’m not looking at him,” Anderson said stiffly. “I’m studying him.”

“He studies?” Hart said.

“I want to learn the best way to maximize my time, then I use it as a template. It is all tied up grade point. ”

For anyone to be peeking in a window in the middle of the night to study the actions of a person to help with their time management gives insight how brilliant Kingsfield is. This is because the essence of Anderson’s actions seem to be the epitome of usefully do not spend your time.

The teacher was clearly one of the most efficient people that Hart had never met. It is important to use these role models as mentors in the future. For these labour law students who have put in during the school will help them with their cases in the future.

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